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Converting Your HTML to PDF With GogoPDF

There are really magnificent websites out there that can be an excellent example for our reports or presentation. A mere screenshot cannot simply catch its wonder; you needed to save the whole webpage. If you do not know, you can definitely save a webpage on your device. The problem is the tool you will use to do so.

We have to take note that saving a website to present it to other people can be really difficult, especially if you own a device with low storage capacity. This is more reason you need to know about GogoPDF, for it is a website that will not just address your concern on how to save a web page, but it will also help you keep your storage capacity while doing so.

What is GogoPDF?

GogoPDF is an online conversion tool which is super easy to use. One of it’s most renowned functions is to serve as an html to pdf converter. You may also convert other file formats to PDF and vice versa. Besides, it also allows its users to have access to modifications on their PDF files. Through this website, you can add text, page number, highlight words, change the orientation of your PDF file; the possibility is endless.

Convenient and easy to use

One of the distinct features boasted by GogoPDF is its convenience, wherein you only have to click twice to have the PDF version of your HTML. Not just that, you do not have to wait too long for the process to finish; in just a few seconds, you can have your PDF to HTML converted file ready for you to download.

Also, apart from having swift technology, the website itself is designed to be easy to use. The directions are straightforward, and the webpage is easy to manoeuvre. With just one look at the platform, even when you have a little background about operating webpages, you can already navigate the website with ease and fun.

High-quality conversion

One reason GogoPDF is on the top-tier of web-based converters is its preservation tool. No quality will be compromised in the conversion process, and no elements will be removed; everything will be as it is in the raw file. When you show your PDF to HTML converted file, it rests assured that it will look like the carbon copy of the website.

Privacy Security

Website developers should always consider privacy, especially that most websites require the upload of personal data that users consider private. For this reason, GogoPDF encrypts the website encoded in their server. GogoPDF boasts one of the best encryption tools online to protect whatever is inputted on their website.

For additional security support, anything encoded will be deleted an hour after the process completion. This is to ensure that your data will not be exposed to the risk of breaches and leaks, which is prevalent in today’s context. This is helpful, especially for those who have uploaded blog URLs that the public is not supposed to view.

Widely accessible

Worrying that your device might not work with the platform is a valid concern. These days, there are websites that cannot work with obsolete or non-mainstream devices, operating systems, or browsers. GogoPDF is not one of those sites as their creators make sure that it can be accessed by everyone regardless of the platform they use.

All you have to do is secure a device and a stable internet connection to avail the services of GogoPDF. In using their website, it will not demand anything from you, not even your device’s storage capacity. The process will be done on cloud storage so that aside from your process not consuming storage capacity; you will always access the latest update of GogoPDF.

How to convert your HTML to PDF with GogoPDF?

The website creators stayed true to their words when they advertised GogoPDF as a convenient tool; it only has four simple steps to follow. The first thing that you will do is to encode your website’s URL. After doing so, GogoPDF will search for the website and scan it before turning it into a PDF file using their superior preservation technology.

The third step is to wait for the process to finish. As mentioned above, it will not take too much of your time. When your PDF is ready, you will be moved to a web page where you can download it on your device. You may also choose to send it via email or share it with your friends on social media by simply copy-pasting the link.


In this modern-day and age, converters are pretty easy to find. There are a lot online that could help you get the job done. But of course, consider the quality, accessibility, experience, and even privacy policy because these are essential factors that affect your data processing; GogoPDF possesses the best of these features.

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