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5 Common Errors with Solar System Care and How to Avoid Them

Solar energy is a safe, affordable, and sustainable way to power homes and businesses. Well, for most homes and businesses, for every success with a solar system, there will eventually be failures.

Many of these failures are due to improper maintenance. Knowing how to care for your solar system is crucial to its longevity and functionality.

So today, we’re unveiling common errors with solar system care and how to avoid them. Read on to get the most out of your solar system.

1. Failing to Clean Your Panels

Solar panels collect dirt, dust, and leaves which all reduce the amount of sunlight they’re able to capture. If left uncleaned, your solar panels could lose their intended efficiency.

To prevent this, you should clean solar panels at least once a year or more, depending on the weather conditions of your region. Make sure to properly clean the panels with a washing solution and a soft cloth rather than a brush or harsh chemicals. After cleaning, you should use a blotting cloth or squeegee to remove any spillage or remaining dirt.

2. Ignoring Condensation and Humidity Issues

Moisture build-up caused by condensation can cause corrosion, reduce performance and even lead to a short circuit. High levels of humidity can cause the metal to rust and ruin exposed wires.

To avoid this, ensure airflow around the inverter or solar system and regularly check for excessive moisture. Use a dehumidifier or air conditioner where necessary and check for any damp spots before or during installation.

3. Not Checking Cables and Connectors Regularly

Poor connections due to corroded wires, dirt, debris, or damaged connectors can reduce the system’s efficiency. It can even lead to decreased output and potentially even fires.

To avoid this, you should check all cables and connectors for signs of damage or corrosion at least once a year. If exposed to rain or snow, check the connections even more often. It’s also important to remember to use insulated connections and seal all connections properly.

4. Underestimating the Weather’s Impact

A residential solar system needs to be protected from excessive wind, rain, humidity, and snow to operate effectively. So you should adjust the orientation of the panels and the angle of the solar array. This will help reduce the potential for damage from the elements.

In windy climates, you should confirm that the mounting racks have enough support to resist the wind speeds anticipated. In areas of high humidity, it is important to keep the solar system components clean to avoid corrosion and electrical shorts.

5. Neglecting Faulty Tracker Motors and Hinges

If tracker motors and hinges are not maintained properly, it can lead to decreased efficiency and potential safety issues. So you need to regularly inspect the tracker motors and hinges for any excessive wear and tear. If you see any signs, then you must attend to them immediately, either through repairs or replacement with affordable solar energy.

Avoid Errors With Solar System Care With Out Guide

From failing to clean panels to infrequent maintenance, common errors with solar system care have a range of consequences. Following proper safety protocols and taking the time to research when it comes to solar system care is important. It can save you time, money, and energy in the long run.

Go green safely. Get informed about the errors with solar system care and enjoy the benefits of solar power!

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