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Call of Duty Warzone Guide: 5 Parachute Tips

The parachute is an essential part of the call of duty warzone game, it is not only used at the beginning of the game but also can be used in the middle of the game for other aspects.

Parachute is the biggest lifesaver of this game, it helps you to land safely from a skyscraper, it can be also used for traveling through a great distance but if you don’t know about the tips and tricks for using a parachute, how will you be able to master call of duty warzone game.

So here we are to help you to master this amazing game with amazing ways to use a parachute and be a great master of your parachute skills.

1. Tips for a perfect landing

Perfect landing is the key to be a master of this game, you should always look around and check that the area is safe to land or not. You should pay much attention to the below-given points.

  • Land close to your squadmates: your squadmates are an essential part of the call of duty warzone game, always make sure that you are landing close to your squad mates so, that after landing safely you all can save each other from instant fights and you will be not left alone in the game.
  • Always look up, down, and sideways: this step plays an important role in this game, you should always be aware of instant fights and about the positions of your enemies so, that you can land safely. It reduces the chances of losing the game.
  • Do not hide and plan for instant fights: after landing safely always keep in mind that do not get busy finding a good place to hide from enemies as they will kill you instantly because you will be lacking in planning, after landing safely, take your position and start planning for instant fights. It will help you to get a master’s in the call of duty warzone game.

2. Plan the best fall

When you were planning to jump off the plane, this will be a free fall and there will be a HUD in right, you will be having an altimeter sample that displays the altitude, speed, and height.

You should always have a plan and strategy in mind, you should always open the tactical map before jumping off, plane’s route will be displayed on the screens to judge where you can land safely and have fewer chances of killing by the enemies. 

3. Slow or fast jump

If you are confused about what kind of landing you should do a slower one or the faster one, this is totally depending on your strategy and your squad mate’s strategy. It is really very important to land with your squadmates.

We recommend you to land with your squadmates so that you can have a safe landing and your squadmates can save you from instant fights. This is really important that you and your squadmates use similar kind of game planning and strategies to lessen the possibilities of killing instantly in the call of duty warzone game.

4. Drop style

Parachute techniques consist of two categories that are based on the operator which opens the parachute and these two categories are high altitude, high opening (HAHO) and the other one is high altitude, low opening (HALO).

Under high altitude, high opening approach, you need to pull the parachute way too before, it is a safe option to consider until and unless you have knocked into a building or a tree, in this approach there is no need to worry about the timing of pulling the parachute and under high altitude, low opening approach, you have to pull the parachute according to the planning and on time after noticing the aspects of a safe landing.

This approach is very useful when you have to land quickly and have less fear of getting killed or knocked out, this approach helps you in looting and to combat quicker but this approach is riskier as if you were not able to pull the parachute before the death zone you can be failed.

5. Choose perfect landing spots

In the call of duty warzone, you have to choose a good spot to land as it will save you from hidden enemies, instant killing, and fights. Always choose locations that have plenty of items, vehicles, and things that you will be needing.

Choose areas that have fewer enemies as it reduces the chances of getting an early defeat, choose the area which has plenty of equipment that you can grab, always choose the middle area of the map for a safer and easy landing, after noticing all kinds of aspects plan and land with your squadmates to win the game.

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