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SharePoint Bulk File Download Web Part Feature

SharePoint is an amazing integration in most ASP.Net e-commerce platforms. They all share one architecture developer: Microsoft. As a collaboration solution for active database users –including team members and customers – comes with many add-ins to make work easier.

One of the components you can buy and set up is the SharePoint bulk file download web part feature. According to experts, it is not only easy to install but easy to use as well. The main purpose of having this feature is to allow large e-commerce businesses to download multiple files at once from databases and libraries. As we all know, this is a feature to save employees a lot of time and provide data in a timely manner.

How SharePoint Bulk File Download Works

Whether you are using SharePoint 2019 or the earlier versions such as 2010, you will have a rich library and access to external databases for your AD users. You will probably need to download a lot of files regularly. Instead of downloading one by one, there is an option of using SharePoint bulk file download web parts to get all of them at once. There are a couple of options when downloading.

  •       Download all of them as a zip file – This feature does not limit what you can download. The good thing is that they come as a zip folder, which makes them easy to store in a computer for analysis.
  •       Limit the size of files to download – If you want to be on top of your e-commerce, then you can limit the size or number of files employees can download from the SharePoint library or other directories. SharePoint bulk file download has this amazing feature for those who are afraid of data mismanagement. The allowed files will still be downloaded in bulk.
  •       Option to use a web part or ribbon – Depending on the customization of operations in your business, you can choose either the web part or ribbon. Although we have focused on the web part in this article, the ribbon setting works pretty much the same but may not allow efficient remote working as the web part.

Benefits of Using SharePoint Bulk File Download Works

As mentioned, this SharePoint bulk file download web part is easy to install and use. You do not need to call an IT specialist, especially if you are tech-savvy. The e-commerce platform you are using should have clear instructions on how to add it and setup. You may pop over to the VirtoSoftware website if you are interested in having an effective SharePoint bulk file download with both web part and ribbon options.

The major benefit of this add-in is the ability to download all files in one go. If you want to work with a thousand files from the SharePoint library, make use of this feature to get them at once. As mentioned, they are downloaded in a zip file, which is easy to save on a computer and work with.

Final Thoughts

If you are working with the SharePoint bulk file download web part, you will definitely enjoy this feature. It makes work so, easy that you have all the time for other operations in your online business, especially working with clients and improving your products. Do not miss this.

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