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Choosing the Best Phone Accessories: An Ultimate Guide

Phones are constantly evolving — and so are their accessories! So if you want to elevate your experience, you need to invest in the right tools. So what are the best phone accessories someone should get? Here is a breakdown of everything you need to make the most out of your smartphone.

Whether it’s a sustainable iPhone 13 case or an AirPods cover, we’ve listed the best products. We even break down accessories for the new AirTags, along with different types of AirTag holders, to secure it to wherever you need.

Cell Phone Cases

Our phones look sleek and sexy, but they need protection, too. Luckily, cell phone cases come in so many designs and styles that it can be overwhelming. However, when it comes to cases, your top priority should be durability. A cell phone case, whether it’s made from rugged military-grade materials or is a phone wallet case, should prevent your phone from breaking and its screen from cracking. Here’s a breakdown of the best phone cases that will ensure your phone is safe and lasts for years.

Heavy-Duty Phone Cases: You can find phone cases made of impenetrable carbon fiber or a rubbery bioplastic that offers a soft, buttery feel that reduces the impact on each drop. For those with a more adventurous lifestyle, a heavy-duty phone case is necessary.

Phone Wallet Cases and Folios: This type of phone case can double as a wallet, making it perfect for those on-the-go folks who prefer a minimal option. You can find more extensive wallet phone cases or compact folio styles with room for essential cards and IDs.

Waterproof Phone Case: While most smartphones have a water-resistant rating, a waterproof phone case offers an extra bit of protection for those who love water sports like swimming or paddling.

Ultimately, choosing the best phone case material comes down to your lifestyle. Plastic and rubber-based cases can offer a more fashionable look, while rugged phone cases offer durability.

Headphones, Headsets and Earbuds

Headphones, Headsets and Earbuds

Whether you just enjoy music as you work or need to take calls via Bluetooth, headphones, headsets or earbuds are another must-have phone accessory. However, there’s a difference in each.

If you need a built-in microphone to speak to others or play games, then choose a headset. Furthermore, earbuds and earphones offer two distinct ear placement styles. Earbuds go into the ear canal while earphones rest on top of the ears. Of course, if you choose earbuds that pop down into a case, be sure to get a compostable AirPods case.

AirTag Holders

One of Apple’s latest innovations is the AirTag, a tracking device that can be used to find anything from lost keys to a lost backpack or wallet. Unfortunately, however, these AirTags do not come ready to be secured. For that, you must also get an AirTag holder.

AirTag holders come in all kinds of styles. For example, you can get AirTag holders that slip onto a dog’s collar or ones that have a keychain, allowing you to track your keys.

Screen Protectors

Every phone could use a screen protector, but many people prefer not to add one. They assume that a screen protector will change the display or mess up the touchscreen functions. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, there are cheap screen protectors that do these things, but on the whole, as long as you invest in a quality screen protector, your screen will look crystal clear and not lag when you tap.

Today, you can even find liquid screen protectors to apply directly to the glass. Take, for example, Pela Case’s Canopy liquid glass screen protector, made with non-toxic materials. This liquid screen protector is easy to apply and keeps single-use plastic screen protectors out of landfills. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Cables for Mobile Phones

Cables are a necessity, but they seem to be forever changing. To cut down on e-waste, the EU proposed a mandatory USB-C on all devices, even for iPhones. But until cables become more universal, this is what is required for each device:

Android: Newer Androids come with a faster Type-C cable. USB-C cables also boost the power transfer to the device. Furthermore, Type-C cables have begun replacing audio jacks in some phones and accessories. Micro USB is the most popular cable for mobile devices, charging phones and transferring data, but they are being phased out and replaced by Type-C.

Apple iOS: Apple has its proprietary Lightning cables, which charge iOS devices and connect to a Mac computer. They typically come with a Micro USB or Type-C end that can also attach to cameras.


Want to enlarge and present photos, videos or work presentations? Smartphone projectors make a great phone accessory. All you have to do is connect your smartphone to the projector and aim the image on a light-colored wall for movie night and more. However, not all projectors are created equal. Look for projectors that are worth the investment, especially if it’s for work.

Wireless Charging Station

Wireless Charging Station

Another convenient phone accessory to have is a holder or stand, preferably one that offers wireless charging. There are all kinds of wireless charging devices to charge your phone. Choose a simple pad that rests on the desk or a stand that rests your phone upright so you can see the time and weather forecast in the morning. You can even find charging stations with extra side rods to support an Apple Watch, too.

Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers

We’ve combined smartwatches and fitness trackers because they are often one and the same. Smartwatches like the Apple Watch can stream music as you go running, but they can also monitor your heart rate and oxygen levels. However, on the flip side, many fitness trackers connect to a phone to solely monitor your health.

If you need more than fitness tracking — like navigation or a call function, for example — then go for a smartwatch. A smartwatch also lends a more minimal function when you want to leave behind your cell phone. Of course, if you go swimming or live an active lifestyle, a waterproof smartwatch is a must, too.

Camera Lens Kit

If you love taking great photos, then get yourself a pack of camera lenses for your phone. Smartphones like the iPhone 13 Pro are becoming increasingly powerful. With a camera lens kit, which typically includes a fisheye lens, wide lens and color-filtered lenses, you can improve your content and take pretty stellar photos.

Selfie Sticks and Tripods

Another excellent phone accessory to have if you love taking photos is the selfie stick or tripod. Selfie sticks are great for solo adventures, allowing you to extend your phone to capture you and the background.

However, a selfie stick only allows you to go so far. For truly epic photos, you might need a tripod to capture an entire landscape. Be choosy when it comes to selfie sticks and tripods. Select one that offers a durable material and extra functions (like a halo light for better photos).

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