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Best laptops for computer science students

We have selected for you the best laptop models that are optimally suited for computer science. In the rating, there was a place for budget models, on which it is convenient to learn the basics of writing code, and top laptops for the most experienced programmers who prefer maximum comfort in the process of work.

The best laptop for computer science is not as easy to find as it might seem at first glance. Almost all elements and details are important here: a bad screen will lead to eye fatigue, the wrong choice of hardware will ensure long freezes when loading or compiling large projects, a terrible keyboard will break your fingers, a weak battery will force you to constantly live near the outlet, but the bulky dimensions and a lot of weight is tortured during trips to the office to customers. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best options for both novice programmers and experienced gurus alike, dividing carefully selected models into two categories based on their price.

Market leaders in laptops for computer science

Let’s go through the numerous manufacturers. Which of the famous brands produces the largest number of models suitable for the comfortable work of a programmer? Or maybe you should give preference to newcomers to the market? The final decision is yours, but experts first of all advise you to take a closer look at the lineup of the following companies:

  • Apple. This brand needs no introduction, and its laptops are in high demand among professional software developers working with MacOS.
  • Lenovo. Traditionally, the Chinese “bomb” the market with a mass of various modifications, among which there are plenty of good options for programming, but you need to be careful, there are often sins with the quality of display matrices.
  • HP. Another American company with a rich selection of good laptops for computer science students, especially in the budget price segment.
  • MSI. A company from Taiwan, better known for gaming models, but some of them are also great for developers of gaming projects.
  • Honour. An “alternative” brand from China, which is gaining popularity, can surprise with a tasty price for very productive laptop modifications.

What is important to consider when choosing a laptop for computer science?

Let’s briefly go over the key points of the characteristics and design of laptops that affect the quality and speed of working with the program code:

Memory size

Nowadays, 8 GB of RAM is considered a necessary minimum, but in general, everything is simple at this point: the more RAM, the faster the code compilation process moves, especially when it comes to thousands of lines.


Another important point responsible for the “rate of fire”. We strongly recommend avoiding the model with classic HDDs, the best choice for a computer science student is a nimble SSD that will provide lightning-fast loading and saving projects. As for the volume, the optimal minimum is 256 GB.


No TN matrices, pity your eyes, so the picture quality is the most important moment when choosing even a budget model. Well, the diagonal, for work on the road or just to increase mobility, 13- or 14-inch laptops will fit perfectly. If this is not enough for you, then look towards 15.6-inch gadgets, in this popular segment it is easier to choose the perfect combination of components and price.


Depends on the development environment. 4-core chips of current generations are quite suitable for learning the basics of computer science and working with HTML, Python, PHP or JS, but large projects may already require 6-core “stones”. If you plan to code in C or C++, then it is wise to get a laptop with a fresh 8-core processor. Writing games in Android Studio, C# or Swift will additionally require a discrete graphics card for application test runs.


The main tool of the computer science student, so you should carefully test the “clave” before buying a laptop. Avoid truncated and “proprietary” layouts with relocated keys, they take some getting used to.


A good margin of autonomy will not be superfluous, especially if there is a need to often work outside the home.

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