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A Guide to the Best Car Shipping Companies in Georgia

There’s no place like home. That’s why 80% of people never move more than 100 miles from where they grew up.

For some of us, though, we have to move far across the state or across the country. A move of that caliber is expensive, stressful, and leads to many unforeseen variables. For example, the fact that you may need to ship your vehicle instead of driving it there.

Which car shipping companies in Georgia can help you with shipping your vehicle for a long-distance move? Today, we take a look at prices and some options to choose from.

Cost of Car Shipping Companies in Georgia

How much does shipping a car cost in Georgia? It’s hard to give a concrete number, as it depends on the distance, the car, the transport method, and the company rates.

For example, you can expect to pay about $819 on average from Atlanta to New York. From Atlanta to Los Angeles, $1,079. Even going one state over to Florida could cost about $559 on average, so get the best car shipping quotes here.

Enclosed car transport, which protects your car from the elements, is a lot more expensive. That same trip to New York would now cost $1,149. Other factors that may increase the price include the time of the year, the cost of fuel, and the driving condition of your vehicle.

Let’s look at some shipping options.

SGT Auto Transport: Price-Match Rates

Found a good deal, but not a fan of the service? SGT will match that deal and give you their superior service and quality. You only pay once they’ve picked up your car.

They run the full gamut of services, from open to closed transport options. Customer service is excellent, and they provide pickup dates with a guarantee.

Montway: Best Shipping Overall

If you are willing to shell out a bit more, then Montway is the ticket. They focus on high reliability and great service, although at a premium. Customers report that the customer service is excellent, and there are more options than competitors.

Plus, Montway serves you in all 50 states, not just the continental US. They can offer lower prices than similar competitors thanks to their large carrier network

Sherpa Auto: Best No-Hidden-Fee Service

Unfortunately, shipping a car doesn’t free you from the nickel-and-diming behavior of other businesses. You may see a great price, only for it to bloat by an order of magnitude during checkout. It’s those pesky little fees that add up before you realize it.

Sherpa does away with this by giving you a fixed rate that won’t change later. Their Price Lock Promise gives you the assurance that the original discount you clicked on is the same one in the end.

Get Started Shipping Your Vehicle

Car shipping companies in Georgia make it easy for you to transport your vehicle across the country. Cheap options like AmeriFreight allow you to squeeze every last penny out of your purchase. Others like Sherpa Focus on keeping to the price they promised at first without hidden fees.

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