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5 Necessary Qualities To Become A Successful Pilot

The aviation industry isn’t only mathematical or technical. One also has to think outside the box and develop qualities to work under pressure because it’s a matter of life and death when in the sky. Becoming a pilot is a matter of great responsibility as it requires leadership qualities and the ability to work as part of a team.

They have to learn to act under pressure and communicate their views and thoughts with clarity. Incorrect or incomplete pilot-controller communication is a factor that causes almost 80 percent of flight accidents or incidents. So read ahead to find out about some qualities that make a successful pilot.

1. Clear communication skills

It takes more than acknowledging a command coming from the flight traffic controller to become a successful pilot. They should also instruct, propose, question a command or make a request, and confirm. A pilot must properly communicate the weather, radar vectors, and advice during flight take-offs, landings, and emergencies.

The pilots and air traffic controllers work together to manage the airport and airspace traffic. Interpersonal skills also prove beneficial as many pilots nowadays choose to have regular contact with the passengers and cabin crew.

2. Self-discipline and confidence

Some responsibilities come along with a pilot certificate. Aviation tends to bring overconfident pilots back to earth. Unexpected low-fuel events, bad weather or worse requires mindset adjustments. Difficulties provide the experience a pilot needs to continue flying with more maturity and confidence.

A good pilot respects the risks involved in the profession and acknowledges their limitations. They must also be fully confident about their ability to fly in the safest way possible. Others’ lives should be the topmost priority in this profession. They should take care of themselves by eating well and getting adequate sleep to prepare for the dangers and risks in the future.

3. Decisiveness

Emergency and abnormal situations during flight can affect the decision-making of a pilot. Rash decisions can result in some unfortunate consequences. A checklist is provided to combat difficult situations, but not all points clearly state the plan of action.

In which case, a pilot has to use their presence of mind and intelligence to develop a solution. Pilot classes or flight training can prepare the students to keep calm and think rationally. There may not be just one right decision, but the pilot should make the best judgment based on the particular situation.

4. Leadership

The head pilot or captain flies the airplane, makes all the in-flight decisions, and looks after the flight’s safety. They must understand the effectiveness of good decisions and the probable outcomes of poor leadership. Pilots need to be well-versed with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Crew Resource Management (CRM) to achieve the best results.

The risk of errors is minimized when these are effectively employed. The head pilot tries to keep everyone, like attendants and paramedics, in the loop to set the tone for the flight. The respect that the team instinctively feels for the leader boldly moves the entire flight towards success. 

5. Basic technical skills

Pilots should know how the plane works and ways to combat minor technical glitches. They carry out some basic tasks like checking the overall condition of the aircraft before and after the flight, ensuring that the fuel supply is sufficient, using the radio system to check with air traffic controllers, operating the aircraft using cockpit instruments, and other such functions.


A successful pilot must be flexible. They should know when to follow the rules and break them. The priority, in the end, should be everyone’s safety. Read more articles on The Tech Diary and visit us again.

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