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How to Become a Project Management Professional (PMP)

One cannot become a Project Management Professional without having an in-depth understanding of the working techniques that a project management course provides, as well as heavy knowledge, and extensive experience to back it up.

This is why it is one of the most globally recognized certifications and having it in your CV, immediately sets you out as valuable to an enterprise anywhere around the world. You will definitely find your next PM job on Jooble. Here’s what you need to know about procuring the PMP certification online and maintaining it. 

Required Qualifications

You either at least need a high school diploma, an associate degree, or any other parallel that is recognized globally. And if you have a 4-year bachelor’s degree or a globally recognized equivalent of it, well and good. With the high school diploma, you’d need a 60 month (5 years) non-intermingled experience in leading and direction of projects ( that is working in two projects over three years will not count for six). You also need to have had a 35-hour project management training or education. A CAPM certification instead will do as well.

With the 4-year bachelor’s degree, you’d still need the 35-hour project management training or CAPM certification. However, the experience required in project leading is reduced down to 36 months (3 years). 

Become an Official PMI Member

This is not an obligatory step, however, it is a sensible one. If you apply for a PMI membership, you receive a free version of “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge”, the PMBOK guide which is extremely helpful when attending the PMP examination. It also offers you a discount large than the membership fee itself, for when you pay the due fees for the PMP examination. Being a member of the local PMI chapter also guarantees you a rich source of need information about becoming a PMP. They also host chapter dinners where on attending, you get a chance to meet fellow PMP aspirants like yourself and already seasoned PMPs. 

Take a PMP Training Course

The PMP examination may be difficult to crack but if you pick a well-founded Project Management Professional Course, it prepares you right up for it and you can pass the exam the first time itself. Attending the course will also count for your 35-hour project management training requirement. With the assistance of the prep course instructor, you get the needed knowledge and experience, a PMP will need in their career and to pass the exam that recognizes them as one. 

Applying for the Examination

The application process for the PMP examination is tedious so make sure you have the necessary details beforehand (don’t forget your employers’ contacts). Make sure your application is up to the PMI standard as generic descriptions and errors can lead to your application being rejected. Once your application is filed, you will receive a verified email within ten days qualifying you to sit for the exam. 

After this proceed with paying the needed exam application fees the PMI membership fee (both for members and non-members) and the fees for the course materials you receive. 

Exam Pattern and Passing Requirements

You will need to sit for a physical exam with nothing more than an empty sheet, pencil, and a calculator. It’s a 4-hour exam where you will be required to attend 200 multiple choice questions, which will include information from the PMBOK guide, real-life scenarios, and more. 

Maintaining Certification

To keep the certification you need to attain 60 PDUs every three years. PDUS is a kind of credit you receive on specified activities that need to be approved by the PMI. 

Hope these points are helpful and good luck! Visit The Tech Diary Again to read more articles also you can check out the Half Double Institute website for info about certification and training.

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