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Babushan Mohanty Net Worth Movies, Biography, Achievements & Family

Babushan Mohanty is a popular name among all the famous actors and actresses of ollywood. Ollywood is a regional entertainment industry that caters to Odia audiences in the Odia language. Here in this article we are going to explain about Babushan Mohanty Net Worth, Bio, Achievements and more.

Babushan Mohanty: A Brief Overview 

Babushan Mohanty is an ollywood actor. He started his career in 2009 and is going strong till date. He has acted in 40+ movies and tried out different characters. He has proved himself as a successful and worthy actor of today’s times. This is the reason people are interested in knowing Babushan Mohanty Net Worth, Bio, Achievements.

What is Babushan Mohanty net worth?

Babushan Mohanty is one of the richest and most popular actors in the Odia industry. According to different sources like Business Insider, Forbes and Wikipedia, Babushan Mohanty Net Worth is around $1.5million, around 12.5 crores. He charges about 10 to 15 lakhs for his movies. 

Career Achievements of Babushan Mohanty:

Babushan Mohanty debuted in 2009 with a film called “Romeo-The Lover Boy “. He has acted in 40+ movies. Apart from the Odia language, he has done one film in Bengali and one in Bhojpuri. He has sung many beautiful songs and established himself as a renowned playback singer.

How did Babushan Mohanty become so successful? 

Babushan Mohanty is a star kid. Both of his parents are legendary actors in the Ollywood industry. So he got an easy entry into the Odia film world. But after that, he tried his best, worked hard and learnt acting. His passion, dedication and patience gave him the success he truly deserved. Apart from being a successful actor, he is a celebrated playback singer in the Ollywood industry. He has sung many soothing and romantic songs like “dhire dhire chal re samay”, “dura aakasha ra janha tie”, “nichhatiya mana”, “jibanata dhuan dhuan”, “abhimanini” etc.

He has always said that he knows nothing about acting techniques. But he tries his best to do whatever the director asks. This attitude has made him the favourite of many directors in ollywood. Another reason for his success is he is an all-rounder. He is a great actor, a perfect comedian with great timing sense, a good dancer and also a soul-touching singer.

So he came in with a package of every aspect of entertainment. Also, he never binds himself within a boundary. He tries to do different things in his movies. For example, he played a woman character in “Sister Sridevi”, a lawyer in “Hero No. 1”, a doctor in “Daman”, played gully cricket in “Love Pain Kuch Bhi Karega’ etc. 

All these reasons made him successful and brought him to where he is today.

How did Babushan Mohanty become so successful? 
How did Babushan Mohanty become so successful?

What are some of Babushan Mohanty’s most successful movies?

He debuted in 2009 with a movie called “Romeo the Lover Boy”, directed by Hara Pattnaik. That movie was a superhit. Then, his journey continued phenomenally. He was nominated for the “Odisha State Film Award- Best Actor” for his fourth movie “Prema Adhei Akhyara”. That movie also did exceptionally well.

Some other popular movies of the chocolate boy Babushan Mohanty are “143 I Love You”, “Love Station”, “Local Toka Love Chokha”, “Hero No 1”, “Sister Sridevi”, “Love Pain Kuch bhi Karega”, “Lekhu lekhu lekhideli”, “Super Michhua”, “Dil deewana heigala”, “Akhire akhire” etc.

Apart from all these movies, he acted in a film called “Daman ” released in 2022. That movie was based on a real-life story of a doctor who spread awareness regarding Malaria in the cut-off areas of Koraput district. This movie created history in the Odia industry. It brought back audiences to the hall, and it also did well outside of Odisha. This movie has also been dubbed in the Hindi language for Pan India release. These movies make Babushan Mohanty one of the biggest stars of Ollywood.

What is the upcoming movie of Babushan Mohanty?

The last movie of Babushan Mohanty, “Daman”, was a super hit after a long time in the Ollywood industry. It broke many records and brought back Odia audiences to the halls after the Covid. That’s when he again proved himself to be one of the biggest stars of ollywood industry.

His next movie is releasing in Dussehra. The movie “Malyagiri ” is based on two gangsters in a village type of area. Apart from Babushan Mohanty, this movie stars Amlan, Elina Samantray and Sivani Sangita. The movie was released on 19th October 2023 and is gaining a lot of appreciation from Odia audiences. Apart from this movie, there are two other movies, Gajapati and Antaryami, lined up for him.

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When the Odia industry was in a bad stage and being trolled for copying movies from different languages, Babushan Mohanty started making original movies with our own stories with Daman. Although other original movies were made before that, those could not bag commercial success. But Daman created a path for original movies by breaking records and bringing good times to the industry. All his fans hope that this trend continues and he keeps on making good original stories.

What is the upcoming movie of Babushan Mohanty?

His ethnicity, religion and political views:

Babushan Mohanty is a Hindu. But his family history belongs to two different religions. His maternal grandfather is a Muslim, and his maternal grandmother is a Hindu. His paternal side is also Hindu. But when it comes to his religion, he says that he respects every religion. He has been brought up in an environment where both religions were given the same importance, and hence, he does not want to bind himself to any one religion. Rather, he loves to explore the cultures of both religions.

He is not into politics. But his mother and renowned actress Aparajita Mohanty has fought elections. During that election, Babushan Mohanty supported his mother and campaigned for her. She has fought elections for Congress but later joined the BJP.

Final Words:

So you know now Babushan Mohanty Net Worth, Bio, Achievements as explained in this article. He has recently gone through some controversies regarding his personal life. But that didn’t stop him from giving a blockbuster film like “Daman”. He is indeed a superstar. So, all Odia audiences expect many super hit movies with great content from him in the next few years.


1. Who is Babushan Mohanty’s wife?

Ans: Trupti Satpathy is the wife of Babushan Mohanty. They were childhood sweethearts and got married on 4 April 2014. Trupti is a teacher by profession. Recently, they had a baby boy in 2021 after seven years of marriage. His son’s nickname is Gwan. In their whole career of Babushan in the ollywood industry, Trupti has supported him a lot. She is a simple, honest and private woman in her personal life. Despite being the wife of a lead hero of the ollywood industry, she has always kept his life private and said that she has no intention of joining the Odia industry. 

2. What is the height of Babushan Mohanty? 

Ans: Babushan Mohanty is not a tall actor. His height is comparatively less. 5 feet 5 inches is his height, which is 165cm. But he has proved his worth as an actor and playback singer. Being the son of two legendary Odia actors, Uttam Mohanty and Aparajita Mohanty, he has established himself as one of the best actors in the ollywood industry by his stunning performances in many movies.

3. Who is the richest actor in Odia? 

Ans: Babushan Mohanty is in the top five highest-paid actors in the Ollywood industry. According to some sources, he gets paid around ten to fifteen lakhs for a movie. But he does not take any remuneration for being a playback singer as it is his passion. Apart from the chocolate hero Babushan, some other actors are rich and get paid heavily. To name some, Anubhav Mohanty charges around thirty lakhs, Sabyasachi Mishra charges about twenty lakhs, and Sidhant Mohapatra charges around fifteen lakhs. These heroes of today’s generation are rich actors in the Odia industry.

4. Who is the mother of Babushan Mohanty?

Ans: Babushan Mohanty is the son of two legendary nineties actors, Uttam Mohanty and Aparajita Mohanty. Aparajita Mohanty is known as “Tiki Apa” in the Odia industry. She has acted in 150+ movies in the Odia industry. She debuted in 1980, and till now, she is the queen of hearts of the Odia people. With films like “Udandi Sita”, “Sata Michha”, and “Badhu Nirupama”, she has proved herself more than once and has created a legacy for herself. Her legacy is being continued by his son, Babushan Mohanty.

5. What is Babushan Mohanty’s professional background?

Ans: He was a bright singer from the age of ten. His parents trained him in classical swinging from his early years. But they never thought of Babushan becoming an actor. Apart from the entertainment world, he was good at studies. He has completed his education at DAV Public School, where he met his wife, Trupti. Then he went on to complete his graduation from G.K.V.M, subalaya and then PG from KIIT University. Bhubaneswar. He debuted with a movie called “Romeo-The Lover Boy”, directed by the veteran director of the Ollywood industry Hara Pattnaik.

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