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9 Awesome Automation Testing Blogs to Follow in 2023

During automation testing, special software tools are used to run a test case suite, while manual testing requires a human effort to carefully execute every step of the test sequence in front of a computer.

A substantial investment of time and money is required to automate software testing. Software Test Automation can also lead the test data into the System Under Test, can like the expected and actual results, and can generate detailed test reports.

As part of successful development cycles, the same test suite must be executed repeatedly. It is quite possible to record and replay this test suite with a test automation tool. The automated test suite requires no human intervention after it has been recorded. Automated test suites result in higher ROI. Ultimately, Automation is about reducing the test cases that need to be run manually, not eliminating manual testing altogether.

Here are 9 popular software testing blogs which discuss software testing life cycle and keep you updated. You must be thinking that why should you follow a blog that deals with software testing life cycle?  You might also be thinking that you have already got a full work schedule, so you do not have time to read about software testing life cycle blog posts. Therefore, in order to understand why, here are a few points:

  • Software testing news, technology, tools, and techniques keep you up-to-date.
  • As you learn more about software testing, you become more interested in the field.
  • It is inspiring and motivating to see people succeeding with their blogs.
  • Software testing keeps you in touch with the entire world, and it reminds you that to learn everything there is to know about software testing, you still have a lot to learn.
  • Comments on blog posts, priceless feedback, questions and responses to queries allow you to become an active member of your professional community.
  • Subscribing to the blogs might allow you to receive premium content.
  • Without much effort, your knowledge grows every day.
  • Following such blogs allow you to meet like minded people and get inspired from them.

9 Automation Testing Blogs To Follow

If you are convinced with the above mentioned points, then, this list is for you. We have curated a list of 9 blogs that we feel you must follow if you are genuinely interested in this field and want to make a career in test automation. 

1. LambdaTest Blog

Testing of all types and kind is the focus of the LambdaTest Blog. They focus on various  guides, tutorials around Selenium automation, Cypress testing, Playwright, Appium, etc. The blog is run by LambdaTest itself. It lets you perform manual and automation testing your web and mobile applications on the cloud. There are writers and professionals employed by them who constantly publish informative detailed guides, and tutorials. You must definitely check- out their website. You must follow their blogs on a regular basis if you are looking for advice from high-end professionals in this field. 

2. Software Testing Tricks

Software Testing Tricks aims to give you tips and tricks to improve your testing skills. This website is geared toward both new and experienced testers. They have also published some e-books on automation tools, critical thinking, how-to, cloud testing, interview questions, and software testing techniques. Also, this website offers automation tools, cloud testing, critical thinking, how-to, and interview questions.

 If you visit their website, you will be surprised to discover that they also test microwave ovens, coffee makers, and pens. The way they force you to think in different dimensions is interesting. Software Testing Tricks is a must-read if you want to become a skilled tester, an automation expert, or a quality assurance expert.

3. ReQTest

A clean, well-organized user interface makes it easier for you to use the ReQtest blog. It offers a smooth user experience and is updated regularly for test managers, professionals, quality assurance managers, and software project managers. A number of categories are covered in ReQtest blogs, including agile, development, requirements, testing, tutorials, etc. These articles have detailed information that helps professionals make decisions about their projects as a result of the detailed information they contain.

ReQtest is the blog you should be following on a regular basis if you are responsible for making important decisions in your organization. You can subscribe to them to make sure that you never miss an update.

4. Sticky Minds

Sticky Minds is updated each week with a new article ansd it has one of the most popular interactive testing communities. In some cases you might feel that articles are not enough and their  questions need more detailed answers. No worries! Sticky Minds has a section dedicated to answering your questions. The testing community is ready to answer any questions you have. You can easily sign up with Sticky Minds and follow testers and veterans.

They have created a dediated section for events, so you can stay on top of the latest conferences, trainings, and events on Sticky Minds. To sign up for these events, simply click on the event name and follow the registration process. Join the StickyMinds community and get connected with software testers who share your passion.

5. Chris Kenst

Chris Kenst’s blog is the place to look if you’re looking for QA blogs that offer an up-to-date list of software testing conferences. Kenst writes about all things software development and testing as an automation engineer for BloomNation. With his many practical examples, he offers teams the opportunity to achieve fast, shippable quality for their companies.

You should also look out for his speaking engagements, including all his upcoming webinar. If you’re interested in learning how to conduct code reviews as a tester, then, this man is your real guide here.

6. Software QA Test

The blog is a quick way to find definitions of terminology and differences between two terms, so you can visit it whenever you need them. A book collection geared toward software testing might be of interest to you once in a while.

The ‘Resources’ section also contains a wide selection of software quality assurance and testing resources. Similarly, you can find a wide selection of software testing tools, along with brief descriptions and links to each tool. Correspondingly, if you are seeking for relevant resources and further information on a specific topic, you can find them in the resources section.

Software QA test has a section that is dedicated to jobs from where you can see the list of job boards for software testing. If you want to sharpen your skills and advance in the field of IT, you may want to switch jobs and seek better opportunities. 

7. The Test Eye

Another popular blog is The Test Eye. To our surprise, it only updates once a month; so, you don’t have to spend a lot of time following it. Rikard Edgren, Henrik Emilsson, and Martin Jansson maintain the test eye blog. Having been in testing since the 1990’s, these professionals are very familiar with how software testing has evolved since then.

The author provides an in-depth explanation of agile, software testing, scripted testing, test ideas, test techniques, and much more in addition to providing deep insights and useful explanations. Among the recommendations sections on this blog you will find recommendations regarding documentation, people, ideas, machines, and skills.

8. Thinking Tester

There are no specific categories on the Thinking tester blog, unlike other blogs or websites we have discussed before. It is driven by an inquisitive tester who always asks, “What if?”?

It does not contain daily updates, but rather the author shares his experiences related to testing on random topics. The posts on this blog are short. They are written in simple language, so you can relish reading them while drinking your evening tea. The author enjoys the confidence and compliments of James Bach, winner of the Testing Luminary award in 2014.

9. Triskhoo

Trishkhoo felt like a breath of fresh air amid dull and overwhelming blog interfaces. Trish runs this blog. She was a former Google’s Test Engineer. Her colourful, user-friendly interface entices you to keep reading and learn more. There are a variety of categories in this blog, such as automation, performance testing, security testing, test cases, bugs, defect tracking, interviewing, manual testing,  and tools. There are also categories for software, development, and testing.

Let’s wrap up!

In software testing, test automation involves executing a test suite using special tool-based automated testing software. Software testing can be made more effective, more comprehensive, and more efficient by automating testing. An Application Under Test’s technology greatly influences the selection of the test tool. This approach consists of automating the testing of the new software functionalities to ensure they are working correctly.

To achieve test success, automation tools, testing processes, and team members must all be selected appropriately. Manual and automation methods must work together. Following a blog regularly is beneficial for a variety of reasons.

In this article, we discuss a few of the best blogs about software testing lifecycle you may want to follow. Professionals and experts share their knowledge and experiences on a wide range of testing topics on these blogs. It is recommended that you follow at least three blogs – one for daily visits, one for occasional visits, and one for trainings and events.

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