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Artificial Intelligence Programming In Java

The 21st century is the time of technology. Nowadays, you will not surprise anyone with a mobile phone or free internet in public places, but artificial intelligence is an innovation in the world of technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a very broad field that encompasses many and very deep areas of computer science, mathematics, hardware design, and even biology and psychology. In short, artificial intelligence (AI) is a system or machine that is capable of imitating human behavior to perform specific tasks and can gradually learn to use the information received.

Artificial intelligence helps online shopping with personalized recommendations, and personal health assistants can remind users to take medication or exercise. Now you don’t have to wait for the latest articles to be translated into the language you want, and besides, there are many great beginner guides in English – AI will translate it all in no time.

Java Programming Language

Java is an object-oriented programming language created in the 1990s by a small group of engineers at Sun Microsystems, later acquired by Oracle in the 2010s. Today, Java is present in many devices that are involved in our daily life. In an object-oriented language like Java, we are dealing with classes and objects. A class is a plan for something in real life, and an object is an example of such a plan.

This language has long been the most popular programming language. In the past, Java was widely used to write “applets” —small applications that ran right in the browser. For example, a calendar, guestbook, or online chat. Java is also widely used in e-commerce and web applications. In fact, Java is used everywhere: on your phone, on your set-top box, on your credit card, on the server you are currently connected to, in the browser you are currently using.

Java is the most widely used language ever, so it’s worth learning. Java is open source and supported by many libraries, including the Java Machine Learning Library. As the name suggests, it is suitable not only for machine learning algorithms, but also for projects that use robotic systems, sensors, NLP, and neural networks. 

Linking Artificial Intelligence and Java

It is known that artificial intelligence cannot be created without computers and, accordingly, without programming languages. The most popular areas of Artificial Intelligence for solving practical problems remain expert systems, fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, multi-agent systems with the help of which the tasks of pattern recognition, forecasting, decision-making under conditions of uncertainty and lack of data, simulation of situations and many others are solved.

Java is one of those languages ​​that are great for writing programs for machine learning, neural networks, exploratory computing, genetic programming, and robotics research. Many companies we are familiar with, such as Google and Ali, are Java-based frameworks.

At the same time, using Java to write programs based on artificial intelligence algorithms is not a requirement for large enterprises. When recruiting companies, they naturally want to directly hire programmers who can understand Python. Now, about the direct connection between Java and Artificial Intelligence. Basically, neural networks are written in this programming language.

A neural network in Java is created from scratch or using ready-made solutions. Artificial neural networks perform tasks such as pattern recognition, data-driven learning, and trend prediction like experts, instead of requiring a set of steps to achieve certain goals, such as traditional algorithmic methods.

What Do You Need To Know To Create and Study Artificial Intelligence?

  • Maths. Math helps the programmer to think in the right direction and write the right code. There are many applied problems in coding where math is not needed. For a simple problem tester, there is no need for knowledge of mathematics, however, for more complex problems, you cannot do without mathematics.
  • Java. If earlier there was uncertainty in this issue, now the main programming language for AI tasks in Java. First, you need to master the basics of this language and data structure, and only after that, it will be possible to move on to the practical development of machine learning libraries. Since Java is one of the leaders as the best language for machine learning and AI programming in general, it is most common for large-scale projects, as its simplified network is convenient for supporting large software infrastructures. 

Java Artificial Intelligence Example

Robocode. The project is a game in which tanks compete, the artificial intelligence of which is programmed in the Java language. The Robocode game belongs to the genre of games for programmers. Each of the programmers writes Java code, which is a projection of a mini tank. A battle takes place on the screen, the goal of which is to destroy all enemy tanks.

The programmable tank consists of the following parts: the “body” of the tank, the cannon, and the radar. Among the participants in the game are the so-called “leagues’ ‘, which sometimes reach the international level. Any programmer whose bot is “pumped” to a good level can take part in the competition.

AI is a very broad field, and it presents a huge number of frameworks and systems that are simple enough to use, and which can be useful in a wide variety of applications and for solving different types of problems. A lot of university students struggle with such requests as “do my Java homework” and they do need experts who could provide them with java assignment help online. Today, the scope of AI is growing very rapidly, which means that companies are looking for more and more qualified specialists in AI technologies.

A neural network in Java is a fairly popular event, so it is quite natural, when you have knowledge of this programming language, to try yourself in the niche of artificial intelligence. If the above segments of the use of AI seemed interesting to you, it is better not to postpone acquaintance with them on the back burner – this knowledge and skills will come in handy almost guaranteed.

Otherwise, your further development will depend only on practice and the desire to complicate algorithms. But beware: perhaps perfect artificial intelligence is dangerous to humanity? 

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