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As of 2021, the art world had a radical change after the NFTs took over this area and turned it digital.

Art has begun to experience a new movement where the creators of works of art can exhibit them, so to speak, and generate millionaire income in short periods, even after 24 hours.

NFTs encompass more and more areas of classical plastic art and expand among musical and television artists. More of this at https://cryptoengine.app.

The New Trend of Digital Art

With the passing of the months, non-fungible tokens (NFT) are taking more space and developing rapidly, generating trends among their followers. The latest innovation through Bitcoin could be presented to crypto followers at the Bitcoin Conference held last year.

This conference presented a physical gallery of more than 35 digital artists who exhibited their digital artworks in the form of NFTs.

The originality and exclusivity of the exhibited works most attract potential buyers attention. Although the NFTs have been criticized compellingly, these events intend to promote the artistic and cultural value of these digital works.

The main objective of promoting this new trend is for digital works to be recognized and have not only the monetary value that the artist expects but also the value of transcending and becoming part of society’s culture.

Pioneers of the NFT culture

Although NFTs became famous in 2021, it is curious to reach millionaire sales in the different digital artworks. Still, NFTs have been around for more than 25 years, and their simplicity is even more incredible.

The first NFT does represent by the phrase “MERRY CHRISTMAS,” just two words, of which only the original exists and only one replica of this initial version, its buyer is still anonymous, and its sale price was $121,000.

This piece has a unique interest since it represents a reference regarding communicating and interpersonal relationships through technology.

NFTS was considered non-existent; therefore, the crypto world is so volatile and changing many people did not dare to enter this digital art market.

One of its most relevant characteristics is that NFTs generate a certificate of authenticity that cannot violate, much less falsified; each NFT created is unique.

On the other hand, this type of digital art does base on the Blockchain platform, which implies any transaction involving an NFT is monitored even until the moment the cryptocurrency does exchange for a work of art.

The second known NFT and the one that gave way to this whole wave of creations was the Digital Work created by Mike Winkelmann, known under the pseudonym of Beeple and who gave his work The First 5000 Days by name.

This digital workhouse 5,000 images from the moment of its creation took around 13 years to be exhibited and auctioned, reaching a final auction value of 69,346,250 million dollars, a figure never expected and that, in addition, the operation was carried out in cryptocurrencies.

When art houses used to auction is going down in history as far as digital is concerned, most artists are trying to participate in this new digital market that offers convenience to the user and high profits where the logistics are behind.

Digital galleries

Due to the boom that NFTs have had, more and more companies, artists and individuals want to create and exhibit their works of art.

That’s why NFTs have recently boosted the business of physical galleries of works of art, even promoting in London the opening of public exhibitions.

The digital works of art that will be exhibited reach values ​​of up to 64 million dollars; the NFTs will be printed in lithographs measuring 41 cm x 41 cm, with a series of unique characteristics such as the creator’s signature, the stamp of approval of the NFT and in turn a unique code that will allow the buyer special access to the purchased token.

It represents a significant advance for art since traditional galleries will also adapt to this new way of making art digitally, allowing the participation of great and contemporary artists.


It is worth informing ourselves and researching about these new tools that will allow us to generate art spaces for many people, where not only will they be able to present their works to millions of people without having a geographical limitation, any point on the globe will be able to discover a digital work and, in addition, be auctioned for thousands of dollars.

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