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What Can An Alaska Airlines Credit Card Do For You?

Right now, qualifying new customers of the Alaska Airlines Visa card may receive 40,000 Bonus Miles in addition to Alaska’s Famous Companion Fare. Within the initial 90 days of creating your account, you must make $3,000 in eligible transactions.

The average redemption value for miles earned through the Alaska Mileage Plan is 2.68 cents. Therefore, the sign-up bonus may be worth over a thousand dollars when used to redeem miles under the mileage plan. And by utilizing Credit Card sweet spots, you might be able to obtain greater value than that.

Advantages of a Visa for Alaska Airlines

Alaska as well as Bank of America just added a plethora of new features to the previously released Alaska Airlines Visa® credit card. Alaska Visa card members can receive one Alaska Companion Fare on each account anniversary in addition to receiving one as part of their sign-up incentive.

To acquire this Companion Pass, you must now have spent $6,000 or additional in the prior cardholder year.

Before, cardholders were entitled to an annual Alaska Companion Fare without having to spend a certain amount. However, this spending criterion is relatively low in comparison to other companion passes obtained through airline credit cards.

Alaska Airlines offers a free checked bag

Each time they use their card to book any Alaska Airlines flight, holders of the Alaska Visa card are entitled to a free checked bag. Even better, you can submit a bag for free for up to six more passengers as long as they are traveling on the same reservation as you.

And as a recent improvement, this free carried bag perk is now also available to approved users and fellow applicants via the Alaska Visa card. Given that primary cardholders may add authorized users without paying an extra yearly cost, it is a significant improvement.

Priority Check-In

Cardholders who hold an Alaska Visa card now receive priority boarding while traveling with Alaska Airlines, which is another perk introduced to the card. This perk has been absent from an Alaska Visa card up until now, but it is offered on many other credit cards with airline co-brands.

Airline priority boarding, a complimentary checked bag for approved users, and a price reduction on Alaska Lounge subscription are among the new perks.

Discounted $100 Alaska Lounge Subscription

A $100 rebate for a single Alaska Lounge membership is another new addition to the Alaska Visa card’s benefits. With this membership, you get access to 9 Alaska Lounge locations as well as over ninety partner lounges, including several United Club lounges and the Admirals Clubs of American Airlines, Qantas, and Australia Airlines.

Members of the Alaska Mileage Plan will have to pay $500 for a one-year subscription following the $100 reduction. Keep in mind that the standard “Alaska Lounge” membership, which provides access to only one of the nine Alaska Lounges, is not eligible for this discount.

Not a Single Foreign Transaction Fee
Not a Single Foreign Transaction Fee

Not a Single Foreign Transaction Fee

This bonus is very typical on many airline credit cards, but it’s still significant.

Customers have utilized Mileage Plan miles at a median redemption rate of 1.18 for brief in duration economy and 1.34 for long-haul economy, according to the Mileage Plan program’s sweet spots. This means that using Mileage Plan mileage for economy rewards typically won’t be particularly valuable.

Instead, premium cabin partner rewards offer the best value for Alaska Mileage Plan miles. Even better, a stopover may be added to a one-way reward without costing extra miles.

By combining them, you may use Mileage Plan miles to reserve some pretty amazing prizes.

Eligibility / Restrictions for the Application

Before applying for an Alaska Visa card, potential fresh cardholders should be aware of certain application limitations. The terms and conditions (https://www.debt.org/credit/loans/contracts/) of the card only specifically mention one of these guidelines:

If you presently have another card or have had another card within the last 24 months, you might not be eligible for this one.

Other application limitations are unwritten rules gathered over time by cardholders. The 2/3/4 Policy of Bank of America is the first. This rule establishes the maximum amount with Bank of America accounts you may obtain in a given time period as follows:

  • 2 any two-month period, two more Bank of America cards.
  • 3 additional Bank of America credit cards during a calendar year
  • In each 24-month period, four additional Bank of America accounts are issued.

Last but not least, Bank of America has been known to consider the number of cards that you’ve registered in the last year with any card provider.

In general, you are only permitted to have obtained three fresh cards in the previous 12 months if you don’t currently have a Bank of America bank account. A far higher bar of 7 cards in the previous 12 months is required for applicants with Bank of America financial accounts.

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