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5 Advantages Of Yealink DECT Phones

Wireless communication solutions are crucial to the success of any modern company, especially with the increasing dependence on smartphones and mobile devices. Wireless phones have become invaluable business tools because people continue to attend to various business operations while on the go.

Digital enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT) technology is one of the most preferred solutions for wireless communications as they’re ideal for small, medium, and large businesses. Read on to find out why.

What Is DECT, And How Does It Work?

DECT is a digital communications system predominantly used in installing and operating cordless phone networks, including Yealink DECT phones. This platform utilizes base stations and session initiation protocol (SIP) to connect to the voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and serve residential and business phone users alike. A DECT system is composed of a fixed base station and a portable handset with a docking cradle.

Businesses are often connected to a private branch exchange (PBX) and a wireless local area network to allow for connectivity even while users move around the office premises. DECT is universally used and works within the 1.9 GHz frequency band.

Additionally, DECT is designed for high-quality voice communication and works to isolate frequencies to achieve this. It doesn’t meddle with the signals from other wireless communication technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Benefits Of Yealink DECT Phones

Benefits Of Yealink DECT Phones

Addressing customers’ needs is a must for product manufacturers and service providers regardless of the industry they’re part of. That’s why businesses that want to leverage voice communication strategies for internal and external use can rely on the wireless phone products offered by Yealink. With these DECT system-operated phones, businesses can streamline office communication and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reliability

Because DECT works best with voice communications, the system isolates frequency to ensure no interference with other wireless connections. This unique feature allows callers to enjoy long and clear conversations without disconnections, choppy lines, or dropped calls as mobile phones users do. Yealink’s DECT technology uses CAT-iq 2.0, which provides impeccable audio quality using VoIP and low bit-rate data applications.

  • Scalability

With this system, users can connect up to eight DECT wireless handsets and eight VoIP accounts for every base station. You won’t get any bad signals or choppy lines because signal reception is always flawless with DECT phones.

Comparatively, Yealink DECT phone connection capacities are twice that of Wi-Fi voice calls, which can only accommodate four simultaneous calls at most. This feature is highly convenient for companies where voice calls are crucial for business operations and growth.

. Security Features

Besides operating in an isolated frequency, DECT technology has security protocols that include identification, authentication, and encryption, reducing cybersecurity concerns. Because it works on a closed system, DECT helps prevent common problems such as impersonation and has better protection against eavesdropping. There’s no need for third-party services to secure your business communications with these internal features.

  • Enhances In-Office Communication

As they’re available to staff on the move, DECT phones help maintain office connectivity where you need it and when you need it. For instance, Yealink phones can cover long distances, ranging from 50 meters indoors to 300 meters outdoors. This feature allows you to use the cordless phone even if, say, you have to go to the parking lot for a quick break. The handset is also ergonomic and compact, making it comfortable to carry around and use inside and outside the office building.

Apart from wireless phones that can be given to each office personnel, the company has a conference phone for meetings included in its product line. The phone connects to the base station seamlessly, so your team can start huddling even without network or power sources. Noise cancellation and a maximum of 24 hours of talk time complete the superb features of the product.

  • Saves Time And Costs

Yealink DECT phones support efficient and streamlined provisioning as well as effortless deployment. This means you can configure, install, deploy, and manage the phone based on the available information technology (IT) resources in your office without the hassle.

Besides eliminating the need for wiring troubles and charges, DECT phones manufactured by the company have the zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) service. This feature gets rid of the need for complex manual installation settings, making it a breeze to install, deploy, manage, maintain, and upgrade the phones, saving your business time and costs to perform such activities.

Wrapping Up 

Today’s work environments count on flexibility and mobility in order to scale. As such, business communication tools and other similar pieces of equipment should be used to facilitate those essential elements.

Wireless phones, in particular, ensure that connectivity, communication, and collaboration are maintained even if business environments keep changing, so there’s absolutely no reason not to get them for your entire company.

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