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8 Budget-Friendly Ways by Eric Dalius to Market Your Small Business

Small  often struggle with their tight budgeting system, which ultimately makes the promotion of their business harder. The good news is there are various other ways to promote the marketing without putting in a lot of money.

Now as an entrepreneur, you probably don’t have enough time to research the strategies. However, we got you covered.

In this article, you’ll gain knowledge about ways that will help your small business to gain attention as well as revenue. So, let’s get started.

1. Create an Attractive Elevator Pitch

Your primary goal should be marketing every time regardless of your time and place. Therefore, you must build an eye-catching elevator pitch.

Research proved that an adult provides his attention for merely 7 to 8 seconds. That’s all the time you have to grab their attention; otherwise, you won’t be able to promote your business.

If you somehow manage to seek their attention, you will only have a minute left to persuade them to buy your product or service. Invest your precious time into building an extraordinary elevator pitch. You will successfully receive the outcome of the investment in terms of creating brand new opportunities for business.

2. Engage On Social Media

One of the easiest ways to expand your small business is by creating an online community as well as engagement on social media. You can do this while gaining the trust of your audience along with expressing the personality of your brand. Try to participate in huge social media websites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube by creating a business account. This will help you in the following ways:

  • You can directly interact with your customers. Thus, you can boost the engagement with them.
  • You can drive more traffic to your primary website by promoting your posts.
  • You can request customer feedback and reviews.

Regardless of your motivation, try to stay active on social media platforms. Focus on online collaboration as well as consistency and commitment.

3. Use Hashtags

Another important marketing strategy is hashtags. A proper hashtag can boost the reach of your post on Twitter, Facebook, and most importantly Instagram.

Even though trending and popular hashtags can enhance your brand’s visibility, you shouldn’t limit yourself by using only those. If you’re providing advice and resources, then long-tail hashtags can prove beneficial for you. If you have a local business, then hashtag based on location should be your main priority. Additionally, don’t underestimate the importance of custom hashtags. When you combine various types of hashtags, it will help your post to easily reach people.

4. Build Industrial Partnerships

Teaming up with a business relevant to your industry is a good decision as long as the business is not your direct competitor. You can do these by conducting some special event offline or by organizing an online webinar.

When you partner with other businesses, it will ensure the exposure of your business to new customers relevant to your business.

Industrial partnerships are one of the best marketing strategies that allow small entrepreneurs to gain knowledge about potential customers. However, it requires time and attention to build a profitable partnership. Try to clarify your expectations, your point of view, and your thoughts before making anything official.

5. Publish Helpful Videos

Video is extremely popular among consumers. While it cost hundreds of dollars to hire a professional video editor, Eric Dalius suggests you learn some basic video editing techniques. Hence, you can upload your edited videos on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook will little effort. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your budget.

Videos are surprisingly good to demonstrate your service and product to audiences. From installing tempered glass on your phone to folding a bed sheet, everything can be demonstrated smoothly through videos. To boost the engagement with your audiences, you can also create:

  • Demonstration of your service and products.
  • Guiding videos including how-to videos.
  • Slideshows with interesting images and relevant captions.
  • Behind the scene footage.
  • Interviews or online engagement with industrial experts.

Don’t forget to add an appropriate personal message or branding message. Publish your videos on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram while maintaining transparency.

6. Convert Your Employees into the Brand Ambassador of Your Company

Research shows that people tend to buy services or products if they receive an idea about them from strangers.

When you treat your employees positively, you can encourage them to become the brand ambassador of your company. This way you can achieve their networks to boost your business. Your employees are genuinely interested in your company, so it’s best to use their voice and social networks to build engagement with new customers.

7. Host a Giveaway or Social Media Contests

Hosting a giveaway or social media contests is an effective strategy to market your business. Apart from minimal effort, this will massively boost the visibility of your business. You may need to spend some extra money for the prize purposes, but the new participants along with new consumers are worth the money you spent. If you’re tight on budget, then you don’t need to give away expensive prizes. A couple of water bottles or fancy backpacks will do the job.

There exist various types of social media giveaways; each has its ability to attract participants. However, your main goal is to gather likes, comments, tags, and shares that will spread the name of your business.

8. Customer Referral Program Is a Brilliant Idea

When your existing customers refer your business to other new customers, try to reward them with a free service or product or some other interesting rewards. Remember, customer feedback is very much important. So, when they tell their friends about your business, not only they are sharing experience, but also convincing them to visit your business.

If you think that referral marketing strategy isn’t worth giving attention to, then consider the following facts. Eric Dalius says you might change your mind after reading these:

  • More than 70% of customers prioritize the word of mouth before buying some products or services.
  • When the customers recommend a business to their friends, they will most likely buy something from the company.
  • More than 75% of customers are convinced to buy something if the recommendation comes from someone they know.
  • The customer retention rate is very high (34%) for the referred customers.


Here are the tips that can help you to market your small business. Remember that business is all about risk. Additionally, if you don’t take risks, you cannot achieve success in the industrial platform. But when you wisely implement some strategies, the odds will work in your favor, and hence, you’ll find the ladder of success in no time.

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