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8 Tech Gifts That Will Make Your Mother’s Life Easier

Today, numerous companies manufacture electronic gadgets of all shapes and sizes that are designed to accomplish a large variety of tasks inside and outside the home. Around the world, people of all ages use such devices daily for communication and entertainment.

Electronic devices are even commonly used as aids during the food prep process, when completing household chores and when traveling. When contemplating the perfect gifts for your mother, explore tech gift ideas to make her life easier and more convenient.

1. Wireless Charger

Nikola Tesla invented and pioneered wireless charging technology, which has been around for at least a century. Although the devices prove useful in a variety of commercial, industrial and home applications, consumers are probably most acquainted with smartphone charging systems.

Some charging pads are compatible with multiple smartphone brands and may have the ability to recharge your earbuds. An all-inclusive wireless charger eliminates the need to keep charging cords for each rechargeable item. Plus, these chargers and charging pads are typically small and slim enough to tuck neatly into luggage, making them perfect for the on-the-go mother.

Wireless Charger
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2. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Thanks to the array of robot vacuums available on the market, vacuuming no longer takes up time that might be better spent doing something else. Robot vacuums contain sensors and cameras for automatically mapping and navigating carpets and hardwood floors in one or more rooms. Once you charge them and turn them on, the robotic devices conveniently handle the rest. Vacuuming is also programmable, so your mother can simply schedule the device to perform the chore while she’s away from home. This handy little robot frees busy mothers from a tedious chore.

3. Video Doorbell Ring

Video doorbells are some of the latest home safety devices available to consumers. Anyone pressing the doorbell will activate the camera while sending an alert to the homeowner’s smartphone or PC. In this way, residents have two-way communication in addition to live images of the visitor. You don’t have to be home to receive the alert. Yet, you can still converse with the visitor to let them know when you’ll be back. Plus, you gain another level of surveillance since the video camera is programmed to record continuously.

4. Smart Indoor Garden

Electronic indoor gardens appeal to green thumb enthusiasts who might have limited garden space or a considerably short outdoor growing season. The little gardens come in various sizes, from smaller units that sit on a tabletop to large unit kits that include stand-alone shelving. The fuss-free gardens feature adjustable LED grow lights and seed pots that monitor water and nutrient needs. Little maintenance is involved, and your mother will still get to enjoy the plants. The refillable kits enable even novice gardeners to grow herbs, fruits or vegetables with ease.

5. iPhone Camera Protector

The high-quality cameras installed in today’s phones enable users to take exceptional photographs or capture impressive videos with a tap of the screen. However, should one or more of the camera lenses become damaged, any hope of using the smartphone to collect images is gone.

If your mother regularly uses her iPhone for photography, she will not need to worry. She can simply use an iPhone camera protector designed to prevent accidental cracking or scratching. This accessory is also fingerprint resistant. As the warrantied lens covers are made using durable tempered glass, they won’t reduce the quality of images. Add an iPhone 14 Pro Max case and you’ve got yourself a great gift for mom. If your mother isn’t an iPhone user, you can still treat her with a brand-new Samsung phone case.

iPhone Camera Protector
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6. Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Air fryer toaster ovens differ in overall size, internal capacity and heating temperatures. The devices often offer the ability to perform various food prep tasks, ranging from baking and broiling to warming, toasting and grilling. By combining circulating heat and airflow, you can fry foods without immersing items in hot oil. This, of course, makes for healthier meal options. The units often come with a cookbook that shows you how to prepare a number of meals. This includes making everything from appetizers and main dishes to desserts.

7. Travel Gadgets

There are many travel gadgets for your mother, whether she enjoys outdoor activities regularly or travels frequently for business or pleasure. Hikers or joggers might appreciate a smartwatch with multiple capabilities and functions, such as a compass, GPS ability, heart rate and step monitoring. Outdoor enthusiasts can monitor their health progress and minimize the chances of being lost in the wilderness with a smartwatch that connects to their phone.

Another option is water bottles equipped with filtration systems that are designed to alleviate potential illness caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses hidden in natural water sources or when visiting foreign countries.

8. Pet Tracking Device

Beloved family pets stay safer when equipped with some type of tracking device. Most trackers are easily attached to a pet’s collar. Should your mother’s dog or cat stray outside or away from home, the device uses Bluetooth to send a signal to a smartphone or display the tile’s location on a map.

Smart collars not only provide the location of lost pets, but they can record the animal’s vital signs in order to monitor their health. Miniature pet cams, similar to nanny cams, will also let your mother monitor the activity of a beloved fur baby inside or outside the home.

Learn More About Tech Gifts for Mom

Finding a gadget gift for your mother doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply start by considering her hobbies, interests and overall lifestyle. Think about what user-friendly devices might make daily life a little easier or more interesting. With the vast selection of items manufactured each year, there is bound to be a gadget that she’ll appreciate and enjoy.

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