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5 Nifty Features on PDFBear to Help With Your Online Tasks

If you are a student or an employee and currently working online, PDF files are the most useful documents you should have. This format holds various essential reports, business agreements, and even contracts. However, these files may get too messy sometimes. In this case, you can merge these files into one document to get your device more organized.

PDFBear will offer you a helping hand if you want to merge all of your PDFs for free. You just have to visit the website, access its merging tool, and get your PDFs combined in just a matter of seconds. There are hundreds of things that you should know about PDFBear that can surely make you gratified. Here are some of them!

A Versatile Platform

One of the best things about utilizing this PDF merging tool is its versatility. Whether you’re currently browsing Google Chrome or Firefox, you can fully access the site to merge PDF online. They offer the highest quality in their services, but they mostly value the confidential information of each document.

Also, the site can be accessed and supported by Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can access the website without even a single complexity as long as you are connected to a stable internet connection.


PDFBear is entirely free and accessible in any internet browser. You don’t need to buy or pay for a service. You will be using zero capacity on your internal storage when combining your PDFs. The operation is accomplished via the cloud, making the whole thing a simple task. This makes them more beneficial compared to other PDF tools you can search online.

Quick and Simple

No need for any complicated procedures when merging PDF files online. With the website’s PDF merging tool, you’ll be able to combine various PDFs in the fastest way possible. The procedure will just require four easy steps. What are those? Check these out!

  • Step 1. Select the PDFs from your device and drag them directly to the merging area.
  • Modify your files and click the “Combine” button to start the whole merging process
  • Step 3. Download and share the final output with a top-notch resolution.

An Accommodating Tool

The site merging tool is highly capable of combining any PDFs without any hassles on your part. Subsequently, this cloud-based tool can combine PDFs in an exceptional, accurate manner. Anything you could see from the actual documents will be accurately transported and merged into a single file. This is especially helpful when you have some documents to send to your online friends and colleagues.

Its Pro-membership Plan Is Affordable

The website offers its service for free, but it also comes with a much more affordable pro membership plan than other online services. This pro edition offers an unlimited conversion. You can also try its 14-day trial if you want, and get yourself ready to be amazed.

Other Free Tools Of PDF Bear

Since most of the tasks nowadays happen online, the best buddy you can have right now is PDFBear. The website offers free tools that you can use for everyday purposes. Here some of the free tools that will surely make your life more convenient.

Protect PDF Tool

If you’re searching for the best PDF tool that will provide the most adequate protection for your document, there’s no need to search anywhere else because you already have PDFBear’s PDF protection tool. With this tool, you can safeguard your PDFs from prying eyes trying to steal your data. Thus, without a doubt, PDFBear is one of the must-have tools in this digital era.

Unlock PDF Tool

If you’re exhausted of entering your password every time you would like to access your PDF, PDFBear offers this feature that allows you to remove or unlock your PDFs. By merely following the necessary steps, you can entirely remove the password you have created.

Split PDF Tool

With this tool, you can choose the pages you need to eliminate, and PDFBear will instantly separate your PDF into a separate document. The split PDF tool is a useful function, especially when you have to send a specific PDF section to your co-worker online.

PDF Editor

If you have some PDFs on your disc that you need to edit or make some necessary changes, upload them now through PDFBear for an instant solution. This editor is also free, giving you a hundred more reasons to use it now.


If you are now searching for a website that offers you a complete package, look no further with PDFBear. Merging your files, unlocking them, splitting its pages, or even compressing them has been made easy and convenient with its service.

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