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3 Trusty Exam Prep Tips to Help You Nail It This Spring

Yes, it might seem a tad early to worry about final exams (after all, you just completed the mid-term). But that’s precisely the point: If you want to give yourself the best shot at success, it pays to start the study process early. 

This article offers a high-level look at how to prepare for the final exam, maximizing your chances of reaching your highest potential. You won’t find specific “flash card” or “Cornell notes” tips here (although those methods do work). Instead, let’s review a few overarching guidelines for exam study strategy. 

These three tips are universal. Whether you’re studying at an American university or a Canadian online high school, here’s how to ace that upcoming exam. 

Start with a Methodical Approach to Time Management

If you’re reading this sometime in March or April, here’s the good news: You’ve started early enough to create a long-term study plan. However, if you happened upon this article closer to your exam date, all hope is not lost; you’ll just need to be stringent and efficient with your limited time. 

In either case, the pivotal first step in exam preparation is time management. Without a systematized schedule, you’re liable to fall into the traps of procrastination and cramming. By creating a clear-cut and long-term schedule, you can better digest and retain the material ahead of your exam. 

Study experts recommend setting aside a couple of hours each day (or every other day) in the two months leading up to your exam. Pencil these study blocks into a physical or digital calendar with reminders to keep you on track. 

Don’t Be too Proud to Lean on Others 

Now isn’t the time for stalwart bootstrapping. If you need help understanding something – whether it’s quadratic functions or Act 4 of Hamlet – seek out guidance. 

If you attend a good online school, chances are you have access to free, 24/7 tutoring. If that’s the case, don’t be shy about using the service; it’s a real life-saver during off-hour study sessions. Everyone else can lean on the traditional avenues for support: teachers/professors, peer study groups, parents, and private tutors. 

Take Care of Your Basic Needs: Sleep, Diet and Activity

At first glance, this might not seem like a pertinent tip for exam success. But it definitely is. Your body and brain share an inextricable connection (read up on the mind-body connection for more info). If your body is tired, your brain will operate at a suboptimal level; the same goes for eating improperly/infrequently, or neglecting the systemic benefits of physical activity. 

Countless studies show that sufficient sleep, a healthy diet and moderate physical activity lead to higher cognitive performance and better memory retention. In the months – and especially days – leading up to your exam, satisfy these basic needs. 

If you can create an effective schedule, solicit help from others, and take care of your basic brain-healthy needs, you should be in a fantastic position to crush your final exams this year. Best of luck on the long road ahead. 

Daniel Robert
Daniel Robert
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